Incompatible with Clementine

Clementine shows nicely formatted popup on icon mouseover, that's probably the problem.

  1. On Clementine start I immediately get this line on snixembed output, but tray area looks damaged: several icons just disappears, clementine icon doesn't appear, but place used by disappeared icons isn't change - they all just replaced by empty space.
org.kde.StatusNotifierItem-23172-2 appeared
  1. Next, about 30 seconds later, all disappeared icons returns, clementine icon appears too, and I get this:
org.kde.StatusNotifierItem-23172-2 set menu: /MenuBar
  1. Mouseover clementine icon works okay until some track starts playing, on mouseover then I get a lot of outputs like this:
(snixembed:21670): Gtk-WARNING **: 20:37:21.518: Failed to set text '<markup><table cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5">
    <td colspan="2">
</markup>' from markup due to error parsing markup: Unknown tag 'table' on line 2 char 1

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9 months ago
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~steef 9 months ago

Hmm, I suspect Clementine registers but then does not respond immediately to D-Bus requests for title and whatnot, which causes the delay. Maybe the requests can be made asynchronously.

Hmm, that markup Clementine is sending is nonstandard. So that part is not really our problem, but snixembed should just set it as a plain text tooltip. I'm not against supporting all that HTML per se, if it can be done in a safe way, but I don't intend to work on that myself, as it's not in the spec. Patches welcome.

Thanks for reporting! I'll look into that weird delay bug when I get the time.

~steef 9 months ago

The latest commit on the master branch makes more stuff async and fixes the hanging issue. Does this also work on your end?

~powerman 9 months ago

Yes, thanks, there is no more delay on start. (Table markup issue is still actual.)

~steef 9 months ago

Great, thanks. There is no quick way to fix the markup issue, except for embedding a web browser, with all the security implications. For now I'm thinking of escaping everything that is not , , or . That would fix the Gtk warnings at least.

~steef 9 months ago

... that is not <b>, <i>, or <u>.

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