#926 When playing a track while viewing piano roll... 4 months ago

Ticket created by ~syboxez on ~alextee/zrythm-bug

Piano roll will reset its current point to the zero mark instead of where the playhead currently is.

An option to not track playhead would be nice as well, but separate thing.

#925 Cursor not changing 4 months ago

Comment by ~syboxez on ~alextee/zrythm-bug

Only while adding a plugin

#925 Cursor not changing 4 months ago

Ticket created by ~syboxez on ~alextee/zrythm-bug

The graphical cursor icon does not change. All functions still work correctly; this is a UI issue.

Reproduced on: prebuilt Arch package 1.0.0-beta.2.1.1.r48.gfe3b8422c, prebuilt AppImage 1.0.0-beta.3.0.1, self-built master branch installed to ~/.local

Steps to reproduce: Open new project Add Vitalium LV2 and open the window Hover mouse cursor inside the Vitalium window and close it Cursor should stay the same (the bug)

Before opening Vitalium, the cursor works fine.

#924 Play button has ~5 second lag before playing 4 months ago

Ticket created by ~syboxez on ~alextee/zrythm-bug

Reproduced on both self-built master branch (marked as beta-3.0.1, but actually master) and on prebuilt 1.0.0-beta.2.1.1.r48.gfe3b8422c.

Steps to reproduce: Open a blank project Press the play button

OS: Arch Linux Tested: Arch Linux packages

#922 UI Crash (Attemptimg to reproduce) 4 months ago

Ticket created by ~syboxez on ~alextee/zrythm-bug

Terminal log will be available via plaintext file, since it is large.

I triggered the crash while a synth was playing its release while the music was stopped, and I pressed the arrow next to the metronome

#527 v2: MIDI MPE support and editor 8 months ago

Comment by ~syboxez on ~alextee/zrythm-feature

For reference, Bitwig's MPE editor is extremely similar to their automation editor, but it will snap to each note, and it is overlayed on top of the piano roll. I really like the way they do it

#527 v2: MIDI MPE support and editor 8 months ago

Ticket created by ~syboxez on ~alextee/zrythm-feature

MIDI Polyphonic Expressions are now a MIDI standard. Vital(ium) is a libre plugin that supports this standard, with potentially more to come.

#770 Zrythm crashes after adding ZLFO output from modulators tab 11 months ago

Ticket created by ~syboxez on ~alextee/zrythm-bug


To reproduce: I added an SFZ instrument and added a single MIDI note for preview purposes. I then went to the modulators tab and added ZLFO. Unchanged from default values, I then added one of the outputs of ZLFO to the gain of the SFZ instrument. The first time I click okay, nothing happens, so I add the output again, and then Zrythm crashes. These symptoms are consistent. This test was performed on the master branch, but this issue also occurs on the old gtk4 branch.

#8 ZLFO crashes when assigning output to synth modulator 1 year, 1 month ago

Ticket created by ~syboxez on ~alextee/zplugins-bug

NOTE: I only tested this with SocaLabs' SID VST2 plugin on Debian 11 x86_64 with JACK as the audio backend. I am attempting to assign a tringle-shaped LFO to the pulse width modulator on channel 1 of the synth. After I do so, Zrythm completely crashes with no error message.