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#2 Handle esc-pairs in parse_read_atom a month ago

Ticket created by ~taiite on ~emersion/libscfg

It seems parser_read_atom's switch doesn't handle '\', while the spec allows escape pairs in atoms:

atom = 1*( ACHAR / esc-pair )

#1 parser_read_dquote_word doesn't handle all escapes well a month ago

Ticket created by ~taiite on ~emersion/libscfg

From the looks of it, parser_read_dquote_word returns b for every \b it finds. It works well for \", but \t is translated to t and \n is translated to n.

#52 CHATHISTORY: Invalid criteria on connection a month ago

Comment by ~taiite on ~taiite/senpai


#20 Receiving "Staging Expriry" mails from Let's Encrypt a month ago

Ticket created by ~taiite on ~emersion/tlstunnel

tlstunnel seems to have issued "a testing cert (not a live one) from Let's Encrypt staging environment," and let's encrypt thus sends twice as many expiry mails.

Example mail from let's encrypt:


[ Note: This message is from the Let's Encrypt staging environment. It likely is not relevant to any live web site. ]

You issued a testing cert (not a live one) from Let's Encrypt staging environment. This mail takes the place of what would normally be a renewal reminder, but instead is demonstrating delivery of renewal notices. Have a nice day!

We recommend renewing certificates automatically when they have a third of their total lifetime left. For Let's Encrypt's current 90-day certificates, that means renewing 30 days before expiration. See https://letsencrypt.org/docs/integration-guide/ for details.

Details: DNS Names: test.hirtz.pm Expiration Date: 22 Jan 21 19:09 +0000) Days to Expiration: 20

#33 Add more messages to history 2 months ago

Comment by ~taiite on ~emersion/soju

This is no longer relevant. Those message can only be replayed back when the client enables the event-playback capability, which is part of the CHATHISTORY spec.

#61 Notify levels for detached channels 2 months ago

Comment by ~taiite on ~emersion/soju

#62 Auto-reattach settings for detached channels 2 months ago

Comment by ~taiite on ~emersion/soju

#74 echo-message doesn't work when talking to BouncerServ 2 months ago

Comment by ~taiite on ~emersion/soju

#103 Option to not store join/parts/... in logs 2 months ago

Ticket created by ~taiite on ~emersion/soju

To further reduce disk usage (it's not like soju is using a lot but.....), add an option to not store state events (JOIN, PART, MODE, NICK, QUIT, TOPIC, KICK) in the log files.

Since it'd solve an administration issue, this option would be in the configuration file (instead of in BouncerServ's interface). Something like:

logs "my/log/dir" {
    state_events  false

Affected commands: anything except PRIVMSG and NOTICE.

This option would disable the event-playback capability (once it is implemented by soju).

#102 Replace mentions of the user upstream nick in incoming upstream messages 2 months ago

Comment by ~taiite on ~emersion/soju

(how) would you handle this case:

I'm nicked "taiite" on one of my upstreams, and sometimes people call me "taiites". I want it to be a highlight.

Also, you don't want to replace in-word nicks, since you can fall on case like "dan" and "Daniel" being on the same channel.