[feature request] fixed channel order

is there a way to sort channels ? At each senpai start, all channels are added in a random order. Alphabetical with auto rearrange when adding a new one ?

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1 year, 5 months ago
10 months ago
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~steamyalt 1 year, 4 months ago

I'm also interested in this, the ability to manually arrange channels and having their order persists would be appreciated as well.

~coder_kalyan 1 year, 26 days ago

I started implementing this a while back but it had some bugs and I got busy/distracted. Let me see if I can find my work, although it might have to be redone.

~delthas 10 months ago

Would the ability to pin channels at the top be enough for your use case?

Pinned channels would appear sorted alphabetically at the top, followed by all other channels sorted alphabetically (by network)

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