Max width for main panel text

Recently there were max widths added for the side panels. What I would however like to see is a max width for the text from users. With optimal reading length being at around 65 characters, on a wide monitor and at full screen, the lines get way too long to read comfortably.

If implemented, what I would expect to see is something more akin to "zen mode"--so thin side panels (users, rooms), and whitespace padding to center the content main content given a max text width parameter.

#rm1 |         00:00  usr main panel text main panel text   
  | foo
#rm2 |         00:00 usr' main panel text main panel text   
  | bar
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~delthas REPORTED FIXED 1 year, 6 months ago

delthas referenced this ticket in commit f52114d.

~delthas 1 year, 6 months ago

Added, use pane-widths { text 65 }

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