Error: 263 -- WHO This command could not be completed, because it has been used recently, and is ratelimited

This is a known issue. Will be fixed by adding a who-cache to soju, WIP patch here: https://git.sr.ht/~emersion/soju/commit/de704e4b53bcd078569a88a618ade51b19b0779d

This is not a serious bug, the main consequnce is that channel members could appear as being there even though they are away.

Keeping the ticket open until this is merged on soju's side.

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1 year, 3 months ago
6 months ago
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~techcable 1 year, 3 months ago

In my case it was very serious, it made the client effectively unusable. I was flooded with error messages, and some combination of rate limits and connection overload made it difficult to chat at all (even in the #senpai channel).

Here is a short log of the errors in soju: https://paste.sr.ht/~techcable/a51f52f9273bc0964320deb201037f3fc148ce31

The following patch (to senpai) "fixed" the issue and by completely disabling WHO requests for away-notify: https://paste.sr.ht/~techcable/5ef3ef121fa8b257b499577171b8d800a7d31382

Since applying that patch to my client, senpai has been working flawlessly ;)

~delthas REPORTED FIXED 8 months ago

Merged on soju's side for a while now.

~delthas 6 months ago

Just for reference: the fix needs soju >= 0.6.0.

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