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#1 Ability to filter out notifications 2 hours ago

on ~kennylevinsen/poweralertd

~anarcat, I asked on that patch about the exact messages, as collected with upower --monitor-detail or sudo busctl monitor, so that I could understand what exactly it is we want to silence.

~tardypad, doing it on notification category has the caveat that any of the warnings also depend on power.cleared to undo them cleanly, which would then need to be ignored if the previous state was a muted state to not cause confusing clear messages. Instead, you probably want to pick which event categories (state, warning, online) to process.

Configuring notifications behavior on the mako side is not really a workaround though.

#1 Ability to filter out notifications 5 days ago

Comment by ~tardypad on ~kennylevinsen/poweralertd

I see but I'd say then this is a separate issue than what was originally mentioned here

#1 Ability to filter out notifications 6 days ago

Comment by ~tardypad on ~kennylevinsen/poweralertd

~kennylevinsen if I find the time to work on this, would be open to accept the addition of another flag like -c device.removed -c power.critical that can be used several times to list the categories we want to be notified about?

#1 Ability to filter out notifications 6 days ago

Comment by ~tardypad on ~kennylevinsen/poweralertd

Those update notifications are annoying for me too. In case your notification daemon supports it, you can filter them out since commit Include category with notification

For example with mako, you can put this in your config.


But to me this is still just a workaround though. It would be better to prevent the notifications from being triggered in the first place. For example in my system, the notifications are still cluttering the history even if they don't get displayed.

#9 Add support for running a command per step 21 days ago

Ticket created by ~tardypad on ~tardypad/takang

To allow more than just text display, using all available specialized softwares. For example:

  • display an image via imv
  • play a video via mpv
  • show a website in web browser
  • launch code editor for demo

#8 Investigate output scaling 21 days ago

Ticket created by ~tardypad on ~tardypad/takang

Do we need to use that value somewhere?

#7 Add support for loading options from config file 21 days ago

Ticket created by ~tardypad on ~tardypad/takang

#6 Add binding to mark a step and come back to it 21 days ago

Ticket created by ~tardypad on ~tardypad/takang

Useful when asked to go back to a previous step for a question, before continuing on.

Keybinding "m" / mouse "middle click" If no step is marked, mark current step, otherwise go back to marked step

#5 Improve readability of script as text 21 days ago

Ticket created by ~tardypad on ~tardypad/takang

Allowing spaces before comments could help for example

#4 Improve presenter view 21 days ago

Ticket created by ~tardypad on ~tardypad/takang

Ideally this would be another window, but could also be a TUI (using ncurses for example). Then we could add extra features:

  • preview next steps
  • pause clock
  • ...