#197 Unable to prefer html over plaintext email 29 days ago

Comment by ~thornycrackers on ~sircmpwn/aerc2

I was using 0.1.2 and then cloned and built and ran b34242560e361d0fd73a9f49e4be7052b96cde5e which still has the same problem. Looking at the patch if I add:

if m != pv.part.MIMEType+"/"+pv.part.MIMESubType {
    switcher.selected = i // Add this line

Then if I view an email with text/plain and text/html it works. I don't know much GO but hopefully this is helpful to solve the issue

#197 Unable to prefer html over plaintext email 30 days ago

Ticket created by ~thornycrackers on ~sircmpwn/aerc2

Thanks for building such an awesome email client! I've been trying to get the configuration in aerc.conf to prefer html over plain text so I changed the alternatives line from:




and reloaded aerc but is still defaulting to viewing emails in plaintext. Is this a bug or am I not doing something wrong?