#60 read from stdin (imv -) not working for some images a month ago

Ticket created by ~tianze0926 on ~exec64/imv

When used together with copyq, imv display all black:

copyq read image/png | imv -

However when I save the output of copyq to local file, then imv would display without problems:

copyq read image/png > a.png
imv a.png

Here is a test file for reproduction: https://github.com/tianze0926/picx-images-hosting/raw/master/20240410/image.70a4blo8r9.png

imv image.70a4blo8r9.png # WORKS
cat image.70a4blo8r9.png | imv - # NOT WORKING


  • imv version: 4.5.0
  • Wayland, Hyprland
  • NixOS, unstable