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#4 YunoHost package 6 days ago

Comment by ~tommi on ~tsileo/microblog.pub

Thank you! This means a lot!

Best, T

#4 YunoHost package 10 days ago

Ticket created by ~tommi on ~tsileo/microblog.pub

There is very few of us lurking around sourcehut, but people like me are completely unable to install and make stuff work on a server, therefore, the only way to self-host anything is through YunoHost.

I would be immensely grateful if a microblog.pub package could be created for YunoHost!

#13 ActivityPub integration? 7 months ago

Comment by ~tommi on ~edwardloveall/Scribe

I understand your point. Thank you very much anyways!

#13 ActivityPub integration? 8 months ago

Ticket created by ~tommi on ~edwardloveall/Scribe

It would be great if, once a URL is converted by a client reading a post on Scribe, a Fediverse entry is created. In this way, I could follow the author from the Fedierse.

It is something like what happens with Invidious for RSS feeds.