filter windows in switch-workspace

Hi, In sway I create workspaces named by my projects. My project names can be filtered using a regex (they all start with 5 numbers followed by a dash). I wrote a bash script which handles this, but as swayr is adding functionalities, this could be a nice addition ;)

You could add this as a --filter option to switch-workspace

Also, this might be nice to add to switch-window too.

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9 months ago
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~ecocode 9 months ago

this is the script (unfinished) that I use... example project names:

  • 25126-Sambre
  • 40687-Mol
  • 39047-Lampen

# Get regular workspaces
workspaces=$(swaymsg -t get_tree | jq -c '.nodes[].nodes[] | select(.type | . and contains("workspace")) | select(.name | . and contains("__i3") | not) | .name? ' | grep -E '[[:digit:]]{5}-.*' | tr -d '"'  )

# Select window with rofi
selected=$(echo "$workspaces" | wofi --show dmenu -i --sort-order=alphabetical | awk '{print $1}')

# TODO: check if the selected workspace is the current one. then don't switch !
# TODO: if nothing selected -> cancel

# Tell sway to focus said workspace
# swaymsg [workspace="$selected"] focus
swaymsg workspace "$selected"

~tsdh 9 months ago

That should be doable but will need some time to be implemented. I'm currently working on another feature (a new binary swayrbar usable as status_command for swaybar) on a separate branch where I've done some major refactoring which would make merging non-trivial changes from main a nightmare.

But I just want to let you know that I think the feature is sensible and an optional option for the various switch commands wouldn't hurt/be incompatible with what's already there.


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