Linked images hosted on another subdomain on the same server are broken

Hey, I was just trying to link to some locally hosted images in one of my posts and saw that none of them was working.

In this case the problem was, that I host some images I linked to in my posts on the same server at another subdomain. This tripped the is_valid_url check / SSRF protection.

My temporary workaround is, to set "debug = true" in my profile.toml.

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Rodrigo Ghedin 7 months ago · edit

Same problem here, I guess: https://social.manualdousuario.net/

I’ll try your workaround.

Rodrigo Ghedin 6 months ago · edit

~wiwie, do you use Cloudflare in front of your Microblog instance? I found out that disabling Cloudflare’s proxy (the orange cloud icon in DNS listing) fixes the problem.

I discovered this trying to fix another issue with hosted domains at Fastmail. According to their support, Cloudflare flattening CNAME is the culprit. Problem is: at least in my (free) account, there’s no way to disable flattening CNAME.

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