Unable to announce own posts

It's common for many people to announce their own posts, in order to increase visibility.

I modified the utils template so that the share button would appear on outbox items so that I could announce a poll of mine. But clicking the share button resulted in a server error with an app.utils.url.InvalidURLError in the logs.

It definitely seems like this should be possible. It certainly doesn't violate ActivityPub, and is fairly common on Mastodon.

Dan Jones
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8 months ago
8 months ago
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~aonrud 8 months ago

Just to note, this duplicates #108. The announce function assumes that it's dealing with an inbox object, so will need to be modified to account for outbox objects as well for this to work.

Dan Jones 8 months ago · edit

Good to know that it's on your radar. Another issue I found is this block of code:

if ipaddress.ip_address(ip_address).is_private:
   logger.info(f"rejecting private URL {url} -> {ip_address}")
   return False

Since I've got an entry in my /etc/hosts pointing my blog domain to, it fails there. Even though it's publicly available with a public IP address from outside my own computer.

It should probably have an exception for private URLs that are itself.

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