Posts in plain text instead of Markdown/HTML

Hi! I know Microblog supports Markdown when composing posts by default. This is nice, but I noticed some issues when posts are rendered in Mastodon instances, which so far can’t handle text formatting whatsoever, such as bold, italics, and lists.

So, for compatibility purposes, I was wondering if it were possible to publish “plain text” posts on my Microblog instance instead of Markdown. For example, when I make a bullet list, that asterisks weren’t converted into HTML lists.

Is it possible?

Rodrigo Ghedin
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7 months ago
7 months ago
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Rodrigo Ghedin 7 months ago · edit

Is this project dead?

~tsileo 7 months ago

Hey, it is not dead, it's just that I don't have a lot of free time time to work on it. I should be able to resume soon.

This is something that should be easy to implement, I will add that to my todo list, but you should know that other fediverse software do support formatting.

Rodrigo Ghedin 7 months ago · edit

Thanks, ~tsileo! I didn’t mean disrespectfully, it was a genuine question. Hope you find time soon (and more volunteers) to keep improving Microblog — it’s an awesome software! :)

I’m aware other fediverse software support formatting. Particularly, I’m very wary regarding where formatting improves things; overall, I prefer plain text on social media. An option to turn formatting off would be great.

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