'Show/hide Sensitive Content' isn't working (sensitive content always displayed)

The 'Show/Hide sensitive content' button over an image does not do anything when pressed. The sensitive image is in fact displayed visibly no matter what.

The content warning over text (show/hide more) button, however, works.

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23 days ago
22 days ago
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~tsileo 22 days ago*

Hey, I am going to need a bit more details than that. It is working correctly for me.

Is it on on the stream or the inbox page?

It is for an inbox or outbox object?

Can you try do a lookup of https://testing.microblog.pub/o/84849c3252914035a2ce769f0c60ddef and let me know if it works?


~tsileo 22 days ago

(also up to you, but maybe sharing the object can help me investigate if it's public, I tried for both inbox/outbox objects, and objects with multiple attachments, it seems to work fine on my side)

~mig5 22 days ago

It's in both the stream and the inbox.

Loading https://testing.microblog.pub/o/84849c3252914035a2ce769f0c60ddef in Firefox 91.13.0esr on Debian 11, as well as in Safari on iOS, in both cases if I click 'show/hide sensitive content' nothing happens, and I always see the image.

~mig5 22 days ago

Ah. It works in Google Chrome (blurry / not blurry), but not Firefox or Safari. There you go

~tsileo 22 days ago

It works for me on Firefox 104.

This feature uses a https://caniuse.com/css-backdrop-filter ; As for as I know it's the only way to do that kind of thing with pure CSS/without JS.

I don't think there's much we can do here unfortunately.

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