Poetry fails to install (in make build) on RPi

While in Docker container the scripts explodes while installing Poetry:

Installing Poetry (1.2.1): An error occurred. Removing partial environment.
Poetry installation failed.
See /poetry-installer-error-b72fsovx.log for error logs. The command '/bin/sh -c curl -sSL https://install.python-poetry.org | python3 -' returned a non-zero code: 1

I was testing it on Arm/RPi4

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7 days ago
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awaiting feedback

~tsileo 7 days ago

Hey! Thank you for the report.

I pushed an updated Dockerfile, can you git pull and try again?

I was able to build the updated Dockerfile on my RPi4 but I haven't got time to test extensively.

~bronikowski 7 days ago

Okie dokie. Just let me put my beer down.

The pull came in, eyeballed it for changes. Looks good.

(as an aside, installing Rust punishes my little box like hell, current load is 10.54)

Right now it hanged after Rust's installation. It gives out the hint about sourcing .cargo/env but right before that I get stable-aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu installed - (error reading rustc version) that leads me to believe something went wrong (no rustc in PATH?). Maybe nothing to worry about because looking at CPU usage it is still going, just mute. I think it's overlay integration on SD that makes the system dizzy.

Finally went into 8/23, took a good 5 minutes if not more.

And, uh, it failed in the same way. I looked into Poetry docs if it has "dump errors to stdout" but it does not seems to. I'm mild on my Docker knowledge but I can try to give it a fix. Can't promise anything, I'm still pip/venv guy.

~tsileo 7 days ago*


On my RPi it defaults to info: default toolchain set to 'stable-armv7-unknown-linux-gnueabihf'.

I successfully built the image, so I am not sure what's happening with your setup.

I took a look at the poetry logs and it cannot find a wheel for the cryptography module, that's why it needs libssl/libffi and rustc to build the wheel locally.

And I agree it takes a lot of time as it needs to build a wheel for most of the packages, but it's a one-time setup.

~bronikowski 7 days ago

I assumed it's cryptography Python module. I had problem with it before. There's also a thing that I noticed, the mixture of architectures. Apt fetched armhf packages but Rust downloaded arm64 toolchain. Maybe herein lies the rub? My system is a mess because it's where I experiment and I'm pretty sure I dist-upgraded it from RPi3 at some point making it schizophrenic. The kernel is arch64, that's much I'm sure.

~bronikowski 7 days ago

Now that I think about it the error reading rustc version error is perfectly explained by running arch64 binary in 32 bit system.

~bronikowski 7 days ago

(and it's of course aarch64, the porter is getting to me)

~bronikowski 5 days ago

And of course I was right, I finally looked into it: the userspace is 32 bit, if you installed your OS before the switch (in 2020), so now the question is why does rustup does not pick up on that. I'm going to inspect it further.

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