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In mastodon I use a lot 'hide boost from this account'. Some users produce very interesting content of their own, but at the same time share too much content. I tend to read along some time to see if there are other interesting accounts among their shares and then sometimes give up and stop receiving their shares/boosts, because it's just too much for the time I have to look through my timeline. Would it be possible to offer such a function in microblog.pub? Would it be possible to have some kind of filter function(s)?

Does this in the end smell like the need for some api to make it possible to integrate plugins to give the user control over what shows up in her stream/inbox?

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~chrichri 16 days ago

Any thoughts on this?

~tsileo 16 days ago

Hey, sorry for the delay.

Yes, I think the next items on my todo list are:

  • allowing to customize what makes it into the stream using a Python function
  • keywords filtering (that would re-use some of the logic for custom filtering, it would just be exposed in the config instead of having to write Python)

This should allow to achieve what you want.

Any thoughts on that?


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~chrichri 16 days ago

This sounds great! Looking forward to it.

~chrichri referenced this from #58 16 days ago

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