'Internal Server Error' when pressing `Publish`

I replied to this article by hitting the reply button.

Wrote this new article (redacted link) named pass-tomb pitfalls as public - sent to followers and visible on homepage.

When I hit publish I get a page saying Internal Server Error.

uvicorn.log show these errors (redacted link)

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3 months ago
3 months ago
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~chrichri 3 months ago

Don't know how to append files to the issue. The urls above will stop working in two weeks.

~tsileo 3 months ago

Hey, I get a login page (YunoHost SSO login) when I click on these links.

Alternatively, you can send me the logs via email at t@a4.io.


~chrichri 3 months ago

Sorry, wrong configuration on my yunohost, corrected it (and to make sure, sent you an email).

~tsileo REPORTED FIXED 3 months ago

I just pushed a fix (and a YunoHost package update).

The hashtags were not being de-duplicated properly, causing an issue when creating some DB entities with a unique constraint.

Thanks for the report!

~chrichri 3 months ago

Thank for your motivation and your great work on the project. Believe me - I'd love to dive into the code, but I do not find the time at the moment. Your work is very much appreciated!

Going to test and will report back.

~chrichri 3 months ago


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