Does microblog.pub support ActivityPub clients?

I was interested in potentially using an android ActivityPub/mastodon client for posting and general activity, however the one I tried to use (andstatus) refused to work. Does this require further configuration that I missed? Or does microblog.pub not support third party ActivityPub clients at this time? Thanks in advance! Hopefully this isn't also something I missed in the docs hahaha

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~wychwitch a month ago

Ah I just saw #27 and it's very similar to this! I can move there if needed, however andstatus has a seperate ActivityPub configuration in the app itself so I'm assuming that option isn't relying on the mastodon api!

Sorry for the flurry of posts hahaha

~tsileo referenced this from #27 a month ago

~tsileo a month ago

It does look like andstatus does support the client-to-server ActivityPub API, which I am willing to implement (and v1 had some basic support for it).

I will definitely take a look soon!

~tsileo a month ago

Quick update, even the "ActivityPub" is in fact starting by calling a "Mastodon API" to start OAuth2 registration.

I will try to implement this endpoint to see if it's enough to get through, but I have the feeling it won't be that easy.

~wychwitch a month ago

Thank you for looking into this! If it's too much, I completely understand. I wish they didn't call it ActivityPub if it ALSO relies on mastodon API, but I digress

~schtobia 9 days ago

FWIW, I would pledge some 30 bucks for a working mobile support. For me this is one of the most pressing needs.

João Costa 4 hours ago · edit

Quick update, even the "ActivityPub" is in fact starting by calling a "Mastodon API" to start OAuth2 registration.

Created a ticket on AndStatus: https://github.com/andstatus/andstatus/issues/561

My understanding is that, per the OAuth spec, it's expected to get those endpoints from .well-known/oauth-authorization-server, which microblog.pub already supplies.

Maybe if that issue is fixed nothing else needs to be needed on the Auth side? Not sure how complete microblog's OAuth implementation is.

Either way, this seems like something the app author might want to address, as other ActivityPub implementations might use alternative endpoints for OAuth.

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