move from other (self hosted) instance

Is it possible to move from another self hosted instance to this - and keep my myname@mydomain identity?

I see the documentation for the standard mastodon move functionality but I think that assumes you also change username. So steps, via a temp account and a delay, would work I guess.

Is there a way to use this functionality for moving followers (which is the only thing I'm concerned with...) from one server implementation to another (this one) whilst keeping the same identity?

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~tsileo 25 days ago


Unfortunately, and as far as I know, the ActivityPub protocol does not provide a migration path for this case.

I think you could also have issues with go from domain A to B, and the change the software of domain A, as some servers are caching everything and won't support handling a different software on the same domain. On changing domains, I did re-set the microblog.pub instance with the v2 (and new keys), and it seems to still work, but I wasn't able to re-import followers.

So this is a bit tricky, I can try to do some more research if I have time, but right now I don't have an easy answer.

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