Can't "local delete" shared items from inbox / stream

First, I really like the "local delete" feature - it lets me manually cleanup my stream / inbox :)

Second, it doesn't really work for the case when my friend (someone I follow) shared someone else's post.

I suspect that it's because this button tries to delete someone else's post (from my instance), but not my friend's "share" action.

I made it to work for myself by editing app/templates/utils.html file: inside the {% block actor_action scoped %}, I've added an extra line:

    {{ admin_force_delete_button(inbox_object.ap_id) }}

together with CSS styling, this adds "local delete" button to the friend's "share" action itself. 👍

But doing it properly (passing desired ap_id to the "local delete" button) will be harder.

Alexey Shpakovsky
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1 year, 19 days ago
1 year, 3 days ago
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~tsileo 1 year, 19 days ago


It was added in a rush to allow delete "bad replies" that show up in the public website (like replies from someone you have blocked).

I don't think it should be enabled to "delete shares" from your stream.

I do want to propose a way for user to customize what appears in the stream, but it will be a separate mechanism.


Alexey Shpakovsky 1 year, 14 days ago · edit

Thanks for the answer! Yes, I agree - sometimes you might want to hide comments at least from your own site.

Meanwhile, I actually changed my mind and wonder if you would like to remove this button at all...

The thing is that after I deleted a post from my inbox - it received some answers, and now I have several items in my inbox with broken "in reply to this note" links!

So this, plus no visible feedback when you delete a "shared" item, make me wonder if this should be changed to look more advanced, in order to discourage people from using it left-and-right. For example, one confused user might want to "local delete" all seen items from inbox.

I wonder if, instead of exposing it in UI, you might want to let people access it in command line with inv command, for example:

poetry run inv local-delete

This way this feature will still exist, but obviously look advanced enough not to be used too often.

But that's just an idea. It might be different from yours, or even change in the future :)

Alexey Shpakovsky 1 year, 14 days ago · edit

Correction, above example should read:

poetry run inv local-delete $permalink

formatter swallowed last part... $permalink is a link which identifies the entry, usually on remote server (i.e. value of "permalink" link).

~tsileo 1 year, 12 days ago

I think I will tweak the templates to only show the button on replies of an outbox object (and when displayed as a reply).

Adding a task in addition might be useful too!

~tsileo REPORTED CLOSED 1 year, 3 days ago

I've made the tweak to only show "local delete" on outbox reply, I will update the doc to mention it in a "moderation" section at some point.

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