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Full-text search support for the outbox

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5 months ago
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~chrichri 4 months ago

:) !!!

~chrichri 3 months ago

Just a thought on this: Do #hashtags and actors that are seen by microblog end up in some kind of index?

For a search function this would be helpful I guess.

A search field to such an index could be incorporated into the new form to have a way to lookup @actors or #hashtags you'd want to mention inside a new post.

~tsileo 3 months ago


For now, only hashtags from the outbox (objects created by the instance) are tracked. That's what is used to power the page that lists objects containing a given hashtag.

For the first version of full-text search, I think only searching in the outbox will be supported, but once we have that, extending it to search the inbox should be easy.

About your thoughts, that gives me the idea of maybe showing recent hashtags in the new form. Looking up actors looks like a good idea too, I will see what I can do!

~chrichri 3 months ago


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