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I'm trying to figure out whether I've got something configured wrong or I'm hitting a bug in the media proxy implementation. I've got a note I want to post that includes a link. I'm making it as a test post for mentioned actors only (of which there are none). I put the link in the markdown, post saves, no problem there...but at the bottom of the note it's adding a div.activity-og-meta containing a link to<path component of the link> and, in front of that, what appears to be a broken attempt to proxy The proxied media request is raising a 500 error "Exception in ASGI Application" that ultimately appears to be coming from url.py raising an InvalidURLError when serve_proxy_media calls check_url because it says "" is invalid (due to being recognized as a local address, I think, and that much seems entirely reasonable), but I haven't gotten as far as figuring out how it came up with something at as what it wants to proxy in the first place (and I wasn't really expecting it to try to proxy anything about a link to a page about a unicode code point, either). I'm afraid it may end up being something screwy about my hosting setup, but I thought I'd start with this much and see if it's a recognizable problem already.

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~tsileo 1 year, 4 months ago

Hey, can you share the content of the post to see if I am able to reproduce it?


~x3b0b 1 year, 4 months ago

...Okay, I should have tested this more thoroughly. 🤦

It seems that it only behaves exactly this way (so far) if I try to use this:


I was thrown off because I had previously tried to use this:


...which does not result in the URLs being rewritten so that they attempt to phone home, but does seem to try to proxy https://codepoints.net/api/v1/glyph/3B0B and displays a broken image. I remember trying the first URL as a replacement; I thought I remembered verifying that the rest of the behavior was similar, but it was late, and I must have thought about it but not done it. Sorry about that.

~tsileo 1 year, 4 months ago*

Thank you for the content.

I took a look at https://unicode.link/codepoint/3B0B-cjk-name-of-a-star and it does advertise itself as in its opengraph metadata: <meta property="og:url" content="" data-svelte="svelte-1avh4in">.

I will push a fix that will check if the URL returned in the opengraph metadata are valid, and if they're not, just skip them. Out of curiosity, I checked Mastodon and it does skpi the opengraph metadata too for this URL.

Thank you for reporting this! I will you let you know once a a fix is pushed.

~tsileo REPORTED FIXED 1 year, 4 months ago

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