Feature: set date/time of post

I would like to port a number of old entries into my microblog.pub instance, but want to preserve the original dates as I do so. As far as I can see, this would only be possible at present by running custom SQL queries in sqlite, to change the automatically-assigned date/time after publication.

This ticket proposes to add the ability to customize the date and time of posts at post creation time in the admin UI. The note/article creation UI is quite spartan, and it seems a date/time field would fit nicely. This would allow post-dating a post as well as importing of archival posts.

Thanks for your work on this project

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1 year, 5 months ago
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awaiting feedback

~tsileo 1 year, 5 months ago


One drawback of this is that when federating the new post, it won't appear in your followers timeline as it will be seen as an old post. And I am not sure how other fediverse software would handle post-dating.

i think it could be a bit confusing.

Any thoughts on that?


~joshhansen 1 year, 5 months ago

As these are old posts (sometimes months or years old) I have no problem with them not appearing in the recent timeline. In fact, I would prefer that, since I'd like newer content to take precedence.

I might be wrong about this as I'm not deeply familiar with ActivityPub, but isn't the Update activity used to notify followers of changes to existing posts?


Mostly though I just want the correct date to appear on the entries when browsing the site; updating existing subscribers by sending an update event might be a different feature.

~wiwie 1 year, 4 months ago

I'm in the same boat.

I'm trying to migrate my blog, and for that adding my existing posts with the correct dates is important.

As long as I don't have any followers on my instance it would be possible with the current code to tinker with the database and change the dates in three places. That allows to have the correct date shown on the UI and have the outbox expose the posts with the original dates. But it's more than inconvenient.

~tomxcd 5 months ago ยท edit

Any word on this?

I am also in the same boat, would also be cool to be able to import posts from other instances

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