Add embark link handling

Add Embark support for handling hyper:// links

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1 year, 1 month ago
3 months ago

~ushin 1 year, 1 day ago

In the wip/ewoc branch, we added support for handling hyper:// links in Emacs 28.1+. Let's consider improving the Embark keymap for hyper:// links by adding support for downloading url contents to disk and potentially other features.

~ushin 6 months ago

https://github.com/emacs-citar/citar/blob/main/citar-embark.el adds a globalized minor mode for embark integration as part of a separate companion package.

~ushin 3 months ago

Embark integration for running alternative actions on hyperdrives from with hyperdrive-complete-hyperdrive added in 6aac47ee.

~ushin 3 months ago

Some ideas for more Embark integration:

  • Improve Embark url handling for hyper:// links (maybe add a new map which inherits from embark-url-map)
  • Perform actions on entries from directory view and history view.

~ushin 3 months ago

(info "(embark)Non-interactive functions as actions") points out that Embark actions which should receive non-string arguments (like a directory entry) need to be non-interactive functions.

~ushin 3 months ago

~ushin 3 months ago

Also see #16

~ushin 3 months ago

6aac47ee adds an Embark keymap for running certain commands on hyperdrive minibuffer candidates.

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