Message for requests that take noticeable time

As discussed, some requests can take a noticeable amount of time, during which the user may wonder if something's gone wrong.

For synchronous requests, we can easily wrap the call to hyperdrive-api or hyperdrive-fill in, e.g. with-delayed-message.

For async requests, we can probably write a simple wrapper function or macro to go around calls that return a plz request or queue; it should be able to use a timer to display the message when the request or queue of requests takes too long (probably 200ms or so). (After implementing this in hyperdrive, we can consider whether to upstream it into plz.)

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6 months ago
3 months ago

~ushin 4 months ago

As a temporary solution, 435e9e9b adds an optional "Opening ..." message at the end of hyperdrive-open.

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