Microsub support


Fetches feeds, parses them and dumps their contents into the database.

May be a good idea to use process boundaries to isolate it, though as Rust is memory-safe, merits of such isolation are not clear.


Users own feeds. Feeds reference posts saved in the database. Post key may be UID/URL or a UUID (not sure which would be better).

Since JF2 is a simpler format, some fields like publishing date may be reified into database columns for easier querying. However, the schema isn't yet clear in my head.


#Show like/bookmark/repost status via database integration

See Kittybox Postgres experiment #2 for more info.

Will need a method on Storage trait and passing Storage to the Microsub query subsystem.

#Virtual feeds

Instead of being real feeds in the database, these feeds might be curated by an algorithm.

(I wonder how hard it is to stuff a WASM runtime into Kittybox to allow executing custom code for building these feeds...)


Might be interesting to build a crawler system that uses MF2 metadata to build a social graph and create a feed of "friends-of-friends". (Virtual feeds support might be useful)

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