Group moderators?

Probably should exist?

What should their powers be, and how does that map to AP?

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~vpzom 4 months ago

Asked on SocialHub, but here's my current thoughts:

  • Start treating Group Announces as acceptance, don't show posts(/comments?) that haven't been Announced.
  • If a moderator chooses to remove a post, send Undo{Announce} for that post.
  • If a user is blocked by a group, the group should remove all of their posts and not announce any new posts

~vpzom 3 months ago

Added "approval" tracking based on Announces

~vpzom 3 months ago

Posts can now be removed by the community creator, to be extended to moderators when that is implemented

~vpzom 3 months ago

Added database table for community moderators, still needs API and UI

~vpzom 2 months ago

Added API and UI for adding moderators, still need removal

~vpzom 2 months ago

Implemented moderator removal

~vpzom a month ago

Currently, the moderators link shows up for remote communities, but it doesn't do anything because we don't federate that list

Probably should just hide it for now

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