Upstream aparte


  • TODO from Xinglu Chen

The description should consist of one ore more full sentences, see “16.4.4 Synopses and Descriptions” in the manual.

Make sure to run ‘guix lint’ to avoid common mistakes like these.

Also, I noticed that a ‘rust-blake2-0.8’ package already exists, maybe it would be possible to update that to 0.9, or make it inherit from ‘rust-blake2-0.9’ to avoid some code duplication.

Full sentence(s) in the description.

Please keep lines at ~80 characters long; write full sentence(s).

Full sentence and missing period.

Keep lines around ~80 characters; missing period.

Full sentence.

No need for a newline.

The synopsis should not contain multiple sentences, see “16.4.4 Synopses and Descriptions” in the manual.

This hunk should probably be dropped.

etc/indent-code.el should be run on each individual package before you create one or more patches. For example

Write definition of package A Run etc/indent-code.el on package A Create the patch

or if there are multiple packages

Write definition of package A Write definition of package B Run etc/indent-code.el on package A and B Create patches for package A and B

I just reviewed the series; I don’t know much about Rust in Guix, so maybe I have missed some Rust-specific things. A tip is to run ‘guix lint’ on each package; this will catch some of the common mistakes people make. :)

I haven’t been able to build the ‘aparte’ package because I am having trouble applying patch [07/20]. Could you check if you can apply the patches on top of the ‘master’ branch?

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8 months ago
4 months ago

~unmatched-paren REPORTED IMPLEMENTED 4 months ago

i think this is done now

~whereiseveryone 4 months ago*

This was referring to upstreaming it but yes, it is done for guixrus.

We can reopen or create a new ticket later if we'd like to work on upstreaming aparte.

~unmatched-paren 4 months ago

~whereiseveryone: ah, didn't see that tag

~unmatched-paren 4 months ago

aargh, when i try to reopen it sr.ht return a 500 Internal Error, i'll see if i that's a known issue

~whereiseveryone 4 months ago*

I got a 500 code just now trying to add a label to a new issue

~unmatched-paren IMPLEMENTED REPORTED 4 months ago

~unmatched-paren REPORTED REPORTED 4 months ago

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