Show if there are any code actions available

I don't know if it goes out of scope of the plugin, but it would be nice to get info on having some code actions available at the bottom of the list of virtual diagnostic line. It usually indicates that some of the errors might be automatically fixable. Mapping the actions to specific diagnostics would definitely go out of scope of this plugin but a generic "Hey, this line right here? It has some issues, but there's also some code actions available that might help" would be nice.

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8 months ago
7 months ago
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~whynothugo 7 months ago

I use https://github.com/kosayoda/nvim-lightbulb/ to see if there are code actions.

It shows an icon on the gutter / statusline.

~spike_b 7 months ago

I'm familiar with nvim-lightbulb and use it myself. Can't remember what was the reason I thought having the same/similar functionality in lsp_lines.nvim would be superior over that particular plugin though. Probably that having the information displayed as part of the same virtual line stack as the diagnostics so it would be more obvious than having the info in a separate place.

~whynothugo 7 months ago

I don't think that diagnostic / code actions indicate whether they are related or not.

If there is a hint indicating "there is a code action relevant to this diagnostic", it is worth adding an indicator.

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