Wrap long errors

nvim has line-wrapping, but this wraps the real line, not the virtual text, nvim does not support this internally It'd be nice for the virtual text to internally wrap itself at the point of which it would extend past the screen bounds.

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3 months ago
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~whynothugo 3 months ago

Virtual text is declared on top of the buffer (e.g.: the raw text).

A buffer may even be displayed in zero, one, or more windows/splits. Each window/split itself that applies wrapping depending on its width.

There's no obvious way to wrap the text myself without breaking some other case.

I think that neovim itself needs an API where I can specify "it's okay to wrap this virtual text as needed".

~notarin 3 months ago

I agree, do you think opening an issue would be ideal?

~whynothugo 3 months ago

Yes, please make sure that there is not an existing issue first.

~whynothugo 3 months ago*

See: https://github.com/neovim/neovim/issues/18282

I think this might still end up having some quirks in how the arrows are drawn across wrapped lines.

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