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#106 Evaluate switch from pgpy to pygpgme 6 months ago

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I've seen the following approach work for other projects that need PGP: write a small set of functions using Sequoia PGP's API, expose that through FFI and use it like built-in functions.

For example the following project uses Sequoia in PHP: https://gitlab.com/willbrowning/anonaddy-sequoia/-/blob/master/README.md#available-functions

And something similar for Perl: https://gitlab.com/teythoon/sequoia-nlnet-encrypt-confirmation

There is no additional process needed, no keyring to keep track of, no junk after the process completes.

The downside is that Sequoia needs entire Rust toolchain to build and that may be an issue here.

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#165 Implement ability to open email by URL 2 years ago

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There is a mid URI scheme used to reference message by their Message-ID. See this RFC: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2392

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Maybe if there was an e-mail interface for todo.sr.ht users could just e-mail the tracker and that'd create a ticket? This way no account is necessary and virtually everyone (guesstimate here) has an e-mail account.

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test test

#28 "Read more about contributing to sr.ht here." link broken 3 years ago

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"Read more about contributing to sr.ht here." link on https://man.sr.ht/billing-faq.md#earning-service-credits-for-contributing-to-srht seems to be broken.

I thought about changing it to point to https://man.sr.ht/git.sr.ht/send-email.md but the latter is more generic.