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#225 Expose warnings to compiler plugins 8 hours ago

Ticket created by ~xerool on ~technomancy/fennel

I want be able to report warning diagnostics in fennel-ls. Right now fennel doesn't have a lot of warnings, but it would be good to get a warning hook in place.

Specifically I'm interested in receiving hooks tor #194 as that's probably going to end up being a warning, not an error.

#218 remove IIFE for method call 3 days ago

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#9 Crash without workspace 27 days ago

Comment by ~xerool on ~xerool/fennel-ls

I think I've got it working when rootUri is null. Fennel-ls now doesn't set a macro path or search the filesystem for files unless there is a rootUri.

#27 Project-specific config file 27 days ago

Ticket created by ~xerool on ~xerool/fennel-ls

Subject to change in the future, but flsproject.fnl for now. I will count this ticket as complete when I can control settings such as fennel path, lua version, and diagnostics from file.

#220 Disable global checking in scopes with __ENV present 28 days ago

Comment by ~xerool on ~technomancy/fennel

for lua 5.2+, _ENV["foo-bar"] always does what we want, but it would cause problems in lua5.1/luajit.

#220 Disable global checking in scopes with __ENV present 28 days ago

Comment by ~xerool on ~technomancy/fennel

The needs-design tag is about

  1. the mangling issue. We don't support nested _ENV because you sometimes get the mangling _ENV0 instead.
  2. I want to think about what to do with __fnl_global_foo_2dbar style manglings. Should we emit _ENV["foo-bar"] instead?

Design issues aside, I'm not sure if we want to take on support of _ENV or not. To me, _ENV is like global and require-macros in that it (sort of) breaks the rules of lexical scoping and makes code harder to understand. Fennel already asks users to use _G.field for accessing globals. It seems backward to let users skip _ENV.field when the behavior is more confusing than regular globals.

#173 Warning should be generated when expressions are passed to require with --require-as-include 29 days ago

Comment by ~xerool on ~technomancy/fennel

We have some way to suppress include warnings for cases where you know it won't resolve: --skip-include.

However, I think there's still a problem: you can't use --skip-include on an expression

#17 Broken mutlisym completions with Emacs+Eglot 30 days ago

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#26 lambda's argument use shouldn't count 30 days ago

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Mirror image of issue fennel-ls#24

#20 --check missing diagnostics 30 days ago

Comment by ~xerool on ~xerool/fennel-ls

it was the require calls.