Broken mutlisym completions with Emacs+Eglot

Eglot uses fennel-mode to determine the range of the text being completed. Essentially this means that fennel-ls and fennel-mode must agree on the defininiton of a sym. This is a problem, because fennel-mode correctly treats the full multisym as one sym, whereas fennel-ls assumes the last part of the multisym is the only part being completed.

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4 months ago
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~xerool 4 months ago

It is my understanding that ~technomancy is changing fennel-mode to match how fennel-ls sees the world.

~technomancy 4 months ago

~xerool 2 months ago

Okay so changes have happened! I'm not sure of the status of fennel-mode, but we no longer need changes to fennel-mode. When fennel-ls sees a client named "Eglot", it provides full multisyms in the completions. Every other client gets normal behavior.

~technomancy 2 months ago

I ended up reverting the fennel-mode changes earlier anyway because they broke indentation. Happy to see this land! I've just confirmed it works with eglot on the latest main.

~xerool REPORTED IMPLEMENTED a month ago

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