Does not create certificates

The daemon starts, and have a store:

% ./target/release/stargazer -D -C ../stargazer.ini
DEBUG - Loading config from: ../stargazer.ini
DEBUG - Config {
    listen: [
    store: "/var/tmp/stargazer",
    routes: [],
    worker_threads: 1,
    request_timeout: 5,
    response_timeout: 0,
    organization: "Grumpy",
    conn_logging: true,
DEBUG - Server staring [sic]

But attempts by clients are rejected:

DEBUG - Error accepting tls connection: unexpected error: no server certificate chain resolved

Indeed, the store stays empty:

% ls -alt /var/tmp/stargazer
total 8
drwxr-xr-x  2 stephane stephane 4096 Jul  6 12:09 .
drwxrwxrwt 11 root     root     4096 Jul  6 12:09 ..
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4 months ago
3 months ago
Bug Merged

~zethra 4 months ago

Hello, thank you trying stargazer. Based on the debug output you posted, it looks like you don't have an routes configured in your stargazer.ini file. With routes, stargazer doesn't know what domains to generate certificates for so it doesn't generate any. If you do in fact have routes configured please post the contents of your stargazer.ini file.

~zethra 4 months ago

Having an no routes configured should produce an error. I'll change that.

~bortzmeyer 4 months ago

Indeed, with a:

root = /var/gemini

It works fine, certificates are generated and work. It makes sense but, indeed, it is not explicitely documented.

~zethra REPORTED FIXED 3 months ago

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