Download Justin Timberlake – Everything I Thought I Was Album Zip Mp3 Free

Download Justin Timberlake – Everything I Thought I Was Album Zip Mp3 Free

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A major turning point in the legendary career of American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake has been reached with the official release of his sixth studio album, “EVERYTHING I THOUGHT IT WAS,” which was widely anticipated. Unveiled on March 15, 2024, by RCA Records, this new project is Timberlake’s first album in four years. During that time, the artist took a break to explore deeper artistic and personal themes.

Timberlake’s growth as a musician and a person is on full display in “EVERYTHING I THOUGHT IT WAS,” which gives fans a window into his self-reflection and recent insights. Released on January 25, 2024, the album’s opening single “Selfish” received praise for its deeply personal lyrics and Timberlake’s expressive performance, establishing the tone for the album’s reflective and complex character.

Timberlake poured his heart and everything into the album’s production, devoting four years to crafting its magnificent tracks. The album showcases Timberlake‘s newfound maturity and depth through a combination of energetic singles and ballads that all share his distinctive style. His commitment to his craft and personal development is palpable throughout.

Listeners and buyers of music may now enjoy “EVERYTHING I THOUGHT IT WAS” on a variety of platforms, as the album is up for grabs and streaming. There has been an overwhelming sense of anticipation among Timberlake’s devoted fan base for this release, as they eagerly await the next installment in his musical career.

As Timberlake begins this new chapter, the song “EVERYTHING I THOUGHT IT WAS” serves as a potent testament to the artist’s path, obstacles, and victories. It cemented Timberlake’s position as one of the most impactful and long-lasting artists of his time by inviting listeners to ponder with him on the intricacies of life, love, and self-discovery.


Everything I Thought I Was Album by Justin Timberlake Tracklist

1 Memphis

2 F**kin’ Up The Disco

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